I’m a stay at home mom of two little dudes.  It would be easy to lead with that, but I’m just not that boring.

The truth is, I’m a 38 yr old American who has been living a heartbreaking / amazing / tumultuous / unpredictable ride in Munich, Germany, for the past 13 years.  And just returned to Pittsburgh the summer of 2015.

And I’m a Christian.  I need to put out there right from the start.

When we moved overseas,  I didn’t even know that Munich is located in Germany or that Germany is located in Europe.  I’m not unwilling to admit that this little lady is not entirely “informed” on things in life like my Wall Street walking, patent attorney, CEO, “mover and shaker” of husband is… but, no doubt, I am a smart cookie.

And there is a lot on my heart to both say and do.

My passions are interior design, entertaining, travel, singing, my kids, and, especially, living outside the typical Christian box.  I’m the girl who leads worship at church, mentors middle school students and then throws crazy parties for my girlfriends where we mix cocktails from our well-stocked house bar and dance the night away.

I’m also 6 feet tall.

It’s a start.

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